Kaitlyn Ramirez Borysiewicz


Writing, for me, is an avenue for self-expression. It’s a clarifying outlet, in a filtered world, to unearth and amplify your truest voice and self-image.

But in my over six years of writing and communicating for various organizations and sectors, I’ve realized that so many people struggle with being themselves on paper, so many people struggle with this pressure to filter their stories.

We tell ourselves that our writing will never be good enough, that our stories are not important enough – each reason a brick that eventually builds an impenetrable wall, blocking out of true voices and self-images from our community.  

Through my exploratory and copywriting services, I want to break down those walls. I want to unearth and strengthen your true voice and self-image online. Through writing, I want my clients to be their number one cheerleader — but that can be a daunting task. So, I lend a supportive, collaborative hand in partnership with you to bring clearness to your truth and build solid content foundations that will define your essence.

What People Say

“Kaitlyn is a creative and strategic mastermind. She helped us take our digital and social presence to the next level -- building out our community online and sharing our content to ensure it had a longer shelf-life and was engaging a bigger audience.” -P.K. and D.H.

“Kaitlyn helped me accomplish one of my most important professional goals! I aspired to speak a one of the largest tech conferences in the world and needed to quickly submit my abstract. Not only did Kaitlyn provide great edits within the tight deadline, she provided very helpful suggestions and additional language that I could incorporate into my talk. Kaitlyn's services are new favorite "secret weapon," and I highly recommend her.” -L.S.

“Kaitlyn was a huge help with my resume. She offered insightful suggestions on ways to polish what I had, make it impactful, and help it stand out to potential hires. Would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking for that edge, or needing someone to bounce ideas and questions off.” -K.L.

“Kaitlyn is the go-to for any design project whether it be flyers, infographics, or website tools. Her creativity and design sense has significantly improved our communications efforts—our outreach looks like a “family” because of her efforts.” -E.L.