4 Email Marketing Tips for New Entrepreneurs

4 Email Marketing Tips for New Entrepreneurs

I love email. In this fast-paced, hyperactive world, there’s nothing more I enjoy than receiving emails from brands that I love and admire. 

Many an entrepreneur has asked me in the past about what my must-have social channel is, and I always, always answer: “email marketing!!!!” With that many exclamation points. 

But as a new entrepreneur, you might be struggling to get started with your email marketing campaigns.

Well, lucky you! I’ve compiled 4 email marketing tips that I’ve relayed to aspiring entrepreneurs. Take a look and drop a comment if there are things you’ve found successful. 

Have a clear value-add to your reader’s inbox

Yes, you have services and products to sell. But if your first inclination on email marketing is to sell, sell, sell, I can tell you this: your readers won’t be able to find the unsubscribe button fast enough. As an aspiring or newly-launched entrepreneur, people are still getting to know you. They’re still formulating reasons in their heads as to why they should go to you, why they should trust you, why they should buy from you. But unless they know you, that trust and relationship can’t be established. 

So, if you’re looking into starting your own email marketing campaign, think first: what else of value can I provide to my readership? What problems do they have that I can solve? 

I was at an event a few days ago and the speaker said something that really resonated with me: you get more when you give more. I think the same holds true here. 

Here are a few more value-add ideas you can use:

  • Monthly how-to guides on different topics

  • Your favorite products, related to whatever you’re writing about (E.g. “Favorite coffee shops to get work done at”)

  • Journal prompts or self-affirmations

  • Highlight a reader of the month, or wish your readers a happy birthday

Find your unique entrepreneurial writing voice

I can’t repeat this enough: “stock” copywriting does not sell. As I wrote above, people need a reason to trust you as a brand before they can do business with you. But here’s an important caveat — readers know when they’re interacting with a person, versus when they’re interacting with a “company.” 

I might be waxing too much poetic here, but a crucial step in your entrepreneurial journey is finding your entrepreneurial voice. Whether through verbal interaction or written communication, your voice is unique and your voice is you.

Your voice comprises of two important factors: your style (the mechanics of speech or writing) and your tone (your attitudes, emotions, and feelings). When you can tap into these two things and develop your entrepreneurial voice, your emails will shine. 

Here’s a quick exercise (and another) you can do right now to help you find your entrepreneurial voice: 

Answer this prompt as naturally and gutturally as possible: “why did I become an entrepreneur?”  

Make your emails work for you

We already covered that your first inclination — especially as a new entrepreneur — should be to build relationships through your email marketing, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make your emails work for you. 

If anything, make sure you’re mindful of opportunities to link back to your website. It’s kind of like a chain reaction in relationship-building: give your readers multiple chances to interact with your brand, which in turn allows them to delve deeper into who your brand is. 

Be consistent, seriously

Do you have your calendar on hand? Great — open it up. Whether your email marketing campaign is weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, you should have a consistent sending schedule. Sending emails consistently is just about getting your message out there. It’s also about creating brand recognition in your reader’s inbox. 

I get a ton of emails everyday, as I am sure you do, too. Think about the emails you are actually excited to open, though. What makes you excited to open them? What makes you even know to open them? It’s all brand recognition, right? When your readers know what to expect from you and when, they’re more likely to open your amazing emails. 

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