Unearth Your Brand’s Voice


You are the foundation of your brand, but your copy is the conversation starter. It is a bridge that builds trust with prospective and present clients. It is a translation of who you are, what you represent, and what you bring to the table. True, much can ride on the content you use — but that is an awful lot of pressure to subsume if you are unsure where to start or have trouble interpreting your thoughts into a cohesive story.

That is where I come in for you. 

As a copy creator, curator, and translator I help entrepreneurs and creatives unearth and strengthen their truest voice and self-image through writing, to bring their intentional and unique stories to the forefront of their brands. My approach is simple: I listen to you, bring clarity to your goals, and interpret your thoughts into impactful copy that tells the story of “you” and gives your audiences a person to resonate with.   

I will lend a helping, collaborative hand in partnership with you as we bring clearness to your aspirations and build solid content foundations that will define your brand. 


Kaitlyn is a creative and strategic mastermind. She helped us take our digital and social presence to the next level.

-P.K. and D.H., Client

Services + Products


Case studies of select projects and work



Squarespace Design
You know your brand, I know Squarespace. I’ll strategize and design a user-driven website experience, allowing you to focus on building your unique brand.

Website Copy
Stuck in a website copywriting rut? I can help you better communicate to your audiences what you and your brand stand for and what you bring to the table. 

Project Discovery

Project Discovery Sprint
Before you even get started on your brand, you need to clarify what your brand is, how you’ll implement it, and why it even exists. I help you bring clarity and direction to your project, ensuring its longevity for the long run.


Professional Writing
A strong resume and cover letter can make the difference in whether or not you receive an invitation to interview. I help unpack your story to write a resume that reflects you. $99/resume or cover letter

Email Newsletters
Emails are the most robust ways of building engagement with your readers and communities. Whether you are sending one-off messages or need to build out longer campaigns, I will help translate your visions into an easy-to-digest package. $59/hour

Online Course: How to Write Intentional Resumes
This online resume course is flipping resume-writing onto its head. We’re going to learn how to write more intentional resume stories about the professionals we are. Learn More.  $59