Unblocking Your Writing Voice:
Self-Paced Writing Intensive for Brand Owners



If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned businesswoman, you understand the power of words. Words build relationships. Words sell products. Words cultivate trust with your community. But what happens if your writing voice is stifled?

Let’s face the hard truth: “stock copywriting” won’t convert consumers, and it won’t get you the community foundations you are looking for. But between trying to unstick your writing voice and running a brand or business, it can be hard to find a time to reconnect and unblock.

In this self-paced writing intensive, we will do just that. We will spend much-needed time helping you unblock and reconnect with your writing, discover your writing voice, and wrap it all up with a writing voice “branding” guide that is just for you.

Learning Objectives

  • Brainstorm and acknowledge the writing blocks that are hurdles to your writing

  • Lay the foundation to understand your writing style and tone

  • Intentionally create your own writing voice operating manual, which serves as a compass for all your brand-related writing

Course information

This online, self-paced writing intensive is available for purchase and streaming. In total, there is about 1 hour of content — including instruction and timed exercises.

The online course is available for $49.